Eric Chifunda, a truly motivated man who strives to create art geared towards opening people’s hearts, has completed his most recent book “An Endless Quest for Spiritual Truth: A Practical Guide to Everyday Spirituality”: a motivating and constructive plea to realize why it is so very important to stop and reflect on what life truly is spiritually, and what it means to each and every individual.

The author believes we owe it to ourselves to make our lives better and more fulfilling. The book is about a deeper understanding of spiritual truth and higher love that has the power to begin to lift one to greater spiritual heights of freedom, love, and joy, which can improve one’s quality of life.


Amazing book from Eric. Can’t stop reading it. Very deep understanding of ourselves, guiding us in our daily lives, decision making. Highly recommended.

– Ed. B., Amazon customer

An excellent and profound book, Eric shares his spiritual experience, as well his own meaning of life and destiny. Recommended!

– Diego Ponce, art curator

Very deep and inspirational. Thank you so much for writing this practical book with directions to answers deep within.

– Claire Morin

Selected Inspirational Quotes

This book contains selected quotes from the book An Endless Quest for Spiritual Truth that may help one gain deeper spiritual insight into day-to-day life.


I love this book and I read this before I start my work. It gives me positive vibes. I highly recommend this!

– Marilou Dytioco, Amazon customer

This book is an inspiration and a guide for everyday living. I purchased this 2nd book from Eric C. like a month ago and continue to read it. The quotes are very deep and spiritual. Amazing author Eric C. and would recommend this book to anybody who seeks a deeper understanding and meaning of life.

– Ed. Barq

I love this book. Very inspirational and insightful. The quotes are amazing and helps me in my daily journey. This book is reasonably priced and is a must buy.!!!!!

– Denzel Bowen, Amazon Customer

Eric Chifunda


Eric Chifunda is a New York City based Occupational Therapist who works as an independent contractor licensed in New York and New Jersey.

He was awarded Editor’s Choice Award in 2006 by and the International Library of Poetry. He is also an actor and an artist who intertwines visionary, abstract, and representational forms geared toward opening people’s hearts.


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