Selected Inspirational Quotes

This book contains selected quotes from the book An Endless Quest for Spiritual Truth that may help one gain deeper spiritual insight into day-to-day life.

One way to get the most out of this book is to randomly open one of the pages and see what is there for you. How does that relate to a question you might have? Does it contain pearls of wisdom you may need to help you get through the day? Maybe words of inspiration to jump-start your day? Right words to open your heart? Encouraging words to lift your spirits and infuse in you a new sense of hope? Maybe a nugget of spiritual truth that may help begin to awaken one spiritually?


Each on of us has our God given mission. Once we recognize it and begin to work toward achieving it, this becomes a gift to the world designed to uplift.


In your endeavor to become a willing instrument of God, God be with you as your daily protector, comforter, guide, and teacher on your journey toward your dream.


We tend to focus on change that takes place on the outer and pay little attention on the inner. The truth of the matter is that real change of lasting value often takes place on the inner. Hence it’s good to pay attention to night dreams. However inner change that is revealed through dreams needs to be approached and interpreted carefully because it can be open to a wide range of interpretations. 


Everybody is Soul, yet not many know who they truly are. Love is the key element that begins to open the window to the qualities of the inner Soul Self. Love is the key that allows the ego self to yield to the higher Soul Self. 


And it is this awakening to Soul Self that leads to the gradual understanding of who we are as conscious children of God. 

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